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A rather odd question, we know, but do you know how to use an "Online Shopping Cart?"

Table of Contents:

  1. How does the Shopping Cart Work?
  2. How long will items remain in my Shopping Cart?
  3. How do I Shop?
  4. Adding to your Shopping Cart

    Checking your Shopping Cart

    Removing Items from your Shopping Cart

    Checking Out (Purchasing the items in your Shopping Cart)

  5. Are we Secure?
  6. What is the Custom Basket Collection?


How does the Shopping Cart Work?

The Creative Chocolate of Vermont, Inc. Shopping Cart works via JavaScript Cookies.  What are cookies?  Simply put, cookies are small text files that are saved in your web browser's cache that lists all the items that you add to your shopping cart.  When you try to checkout, the cashier simply reads your purchase list and displays them on the screen for your review.

Don't Worry, these files are perfectly safe!  So, if you receive a message asking whether or not you wish to accept a cookie, say yes, because if you don't, you can't purchase anything...  And if you don't get prompted and nothing will appear in your shopping cart, check your browser preferences and make sure that JavaScript Cookies are not disabled or blocked.


How long will items remain in my Shopping Cart?

We understand that you don't want a bunch of garbage on your computer so we assign our cookies a VERY short life span.  In fact, as soon as you close your browser, the cookie is erased from your computer.  Of course, that means that you can't add a few items to your shopping cart today and expect to find them still there when you come back tomorrow.


How do I Shop?

It's quite simple, I assure you. Lets walk through the steps:

  1. First of all, find the product that you wish to order.

  2. On the bottom of that page will be something that looks like this:


    Spaghetti Dinner $10.25

    Simply place the quantity you wish to order in the "Qty:" block.

  3. Now click on the "Add" button. It will ask you if you're sure you want to add that item to your shopping basket. If you are, click "OK". If not, click "Cancel".
  4. Whenever you wish to check your "Shopping Cart" you can either click on the

    or the

    buttons on the product pages or on the top bar or click on the "Check Shopping Cart" link on the Product Directory pages. This will bring you to a page which will display the contents of your Shopping Basket. If you wish to remove an item, simply click on the "remove item" link on the far right side of that line. To remove ALL the items in your basket, simply click on

    the button. You will then be asked to confirm this action as once the items are cleared, they must be put back in the Shopping Cart one by one again. If the quantity on one of the items is incorrect, simply write in the new quantify and click on the

    button. This will update and redisplay your basket. If you wish to check out, click on the

    button below the table or on the "Check Out" link in the left column. The

    button will return you to the Product Directory Page so that you can continue shopping.

  1. To go straight to the Purchase option, click on the

    button or on the "Check Out" link in the left column. You will then be asked to confirm your order. From this page you will be able to see your total price (to include shipping and handling and tax). You will also need to fill out all the shipping (address) and payment information. If you choose to pay via check, your order will be sent upon receipt of the payment. If you prefer to give you card information over the phone, simply leave out the card number and call 1-802-891-6048 with your number.

  2. When you're done filling out your information, click on the button. Once you do this, your order will be sent to Creative Chocolates of Vermont, Inc. and your order will be sent out within 2 weeks (unless requested otherwise).


Are we Secure?

Yes, we are secure (we use 128 Bit Encryption).  

What does this mean?  When you order a product and are prompted for your credit card information, a small yellow lock () will appear on the bottom of your browser.  When this occurs, you can rest assured that your information is encrypted before it is sent over the internet thereby making it virtually impossible for anyone to intercept your credit card information.

And to prevent unauthorized use of your cards, we ask that you provide your Credit Card Security Code...  A code that is NOT imprinted on traditional receipts or read by credit card processors.  So even if someone gets your credit card number off of a lost receipt, they can not use it to order things online.  This way we ensure that only legitimate card holders are placing orders on our website (just another way to ensure your card's security). 


What is the Custom Basket Collection?

The Custom Basket Collection is a series of gift baskets that span all categories and themes but differ from other baskets in that they are ENTIRELY custom made to the customer's specifications.  As such, because the contents will change with every basket, we can not assign a price to the basket until we know what will be in it.  

So, to order a Custom Basket Collection Basket, simply call, or email us, and let us know what occasion the basket is for and what you want in it.  Or simply tell us who it's for, the occasion, any unique details about the individual or event, and then let our experts design the perfect basket for you.  Don't worry, you won't be disappointed!  If you want a personalized gift basket, this is the ONLY way to go!!!


 Questions/Comments about this site should be sent to webmaster@creativechocolatesofvt.com.