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Creative Chocolates of Vermont, Inc. is where your imagination creates the only boundaries in our Chocolate World...


  Established in 1982, we've had 27 years to explore, invent, and reinvent what a chocolate world should be. And, yes, we've figured it out!

Regardless of the time of year, few foods are as tasty or as popular as a delicious cheeseburger meal. Our version of this American favorate comes complete with a cheeseburger made out of a half pound of chocolate, an order of cookie french fries, and a bottle of soda.  


Our EXCLUSIVE chocolate creation menu (and we're not talking about bon bons or hard candies), selective chocolate recipes, chocolate platters and award winning gift baskets are sure to satisfy even the pickiest of sweet tooth's.

It's time to redefine your idea of what Chocolate Should be. Come, take a look...

What Kind of Chocolate Do We Use?

We proudly use a combination of Merckens and Nestle Chocolate to help make our chocolates extremely tasty and creamy!  We've found that both Merckens and Nestle melts nicely and creates a delicious candy that only improves with each bite.

Creative Chocolates of Vermont, Inc. "In The Press..."

We frequently appear in newspapers, magazines, newsletters, and TV programs nationwide.  We've collected a few examples from Company News and Newspaper Articles to TV and Public Appearances so that you, our customers, can read all about it here.

Our products have appeared on numerous television programs including the Today Show and Al Roker on the Road.  Our Gift Baskets have also taken many awards in both regional and national Trade Shows.  The Glidden Paint Can shown at above right, for example, took 1st Place at the International Gift Basket Trade Show in Nashville Tennessee, in August 1998.   And in August, 1999, our unique Stand-Up Worker's Coverall Gift Basket was awarded 2nd place in the Corporate Gift Basket category at the 1999 International Gift Basket Trade Show in Louisville, Kentucky.

We give YOU the tools to make your own baskets... 

 In the event that you missed the June, 2001 issue of Gift Basket Review Magazine, you can find pictures of, and construction directions for our Coverall's Basket, a trade show prize winner and customer favorite right here.  We've also provided you with a list of basket components and recipes for some of our favorite contents and snacks.  Now, how many companies actually give away their trade secrets?  Only those who truly care about your happiness with their products and not with making profits.  Interested?  Just wait, our Construction Basket and Fishing Baskets will be featured in upcoming issues!


    What's Hot . . .

 That's simple... the Pine Box Tool Kit.

We wanted to add a few more tools to the Glidden Paint Can w/ Tools but unfortunately we couldn't stuff anymore in.  To solve this problem we've stuffed them into a pine tool box. 

You can also get these tools without the Pine Box or Paint Can if you so desire.  We've even added a few extras...

  What Else is HOT?
Our Custom Chocolate CD's have become one of the latest favorites at parties of all kinds, sizes, and celebrity levels NATIONWIDE.

We even have celebrities (and rock bands) requesting them!

You too can use these personalized Chocolate CD's  as  invitations, place settings, party and thank you gifts, or centerpieces at your Wedding, Barmitzva, conference, company meetings, holiday parties, and so much more.  

Also check out the Chocolate Aspirin, new Chocolate Tools, Chocolate Hair Dresser Set, TV Remote, Baskets, and so much more...


 What Others Think

Not too sure what to expect with our unique chocolates and gift baskets?  Al Roker seemed to like it...

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