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  • Kitchen plunger (smaller than bathroom plungers  - can be found at hardware stores)
  • Bread baking tin pan (needs to be metal so you can screw it to the plywood)
  • Toilet paper roll
  • House key with rectangular handle
  • Cardboard box 8 x 4 x 9 (3 lbs 4 oz Oreos box works well) or cake
  • Chocolate toilet seat from Creative Chocolates of Vermont
  • Cake baked in 2 quart mixing bowl
  • 5 plastic cover (Tupperware works well but with support) (Ziplock cover works)
  • Linoleum glued to 17 x 24 plywood
  • Foil wrapped cardboard


  1. Fold the toilet paper in half and then wrap it around a musical candle found in party stores or baking section of grocery stores.  You may use a dowel or a regular birthday candle instead of the musical candle if desired.
  2. Push house key into the box or cake as a flusher lever.  If you use a cardboard box (8 x 4 x 9 ), it will need to be covered with foil so the frosting will not dampen the box and cause it to lose shape. This box will need to be taped to the tin bread pan.  If you choose to use cake for this section, I recommend that you secure a strip of board to the bread pan to support the cake.
  3. A homemade cake baked in 2 quart mixing bowl is recommended because it is firmer than a box mix baked cake.  By cooking it in a mixing bowl, the cake will assume the shape of the toilet bowl.  After it has been baked, cooled, and placed on the cover you will need to scoop out the center of the cake.  For added fun you can place oval shaped fudge into the frosted scooped out section and add candles.
  4. A 5 plastic Ziploc cover works well to hold the cake.  You will need to secure this cover to the bread pan with tape.  Leave some of the cover hanging over the bread pan.
  5. Cut plywood 24 by 17 and glue linoleum to it.  You can find scrap pieces of linoleum at your local flooring store and often at no cost.
  6. Make a cardboard piece that will connect the bowl cake to the back of the toilet.  You will want to enclose the cardboard piece in foil or tape so that the frosting will not dampen the cardboard and make it loose its shape.
  7. Frost the cake to the desired color.  I recommend using homemade butter cream frosting to make this unique cake because it is firmer and will hold up longer.
  8. Once the cake is assembled and frosted, place the chocolate toilet seat cover over the toilet bowl.  The hand painted chocolate toilet seat can be purchased from Creative Chocolates of Vermont, Inc. (http://www.creativechocolatesofvt.com or 802-891-6048).
  9. If you have any questions on assembly, please call Peg at 802-879-7330.


This recipe was brought to you by Peg McGowan, Creative Chocolates of Vermont, Inc.


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