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Chocolate Santa Car and Christmas Truck

We know how much people love their cars and do you really think that Santa is any different?  Sure, we know that he drives his sled on Christmast Eve but what about the rest of the year?  Oh, and what about those places where there isn't any snow?  And how does he put all those toys in the back of his sled anyway?

Well, we've got a theory.  Santa has his elves drive his Christmas Truck to secret "pick-up points" where he meets them in his personalized convertible.  And as soon as he picks up his load, he's off to make his rounds.

Like the Chocolate Volkswagon Beetle, the Santa Car is made out of solid milk chocolate, has semi-sweet and white chocolate wheels, green chocolate toy bag and gloves, and of course Santa himself is made out of red, white, and peanut butter chocolate.  And like the Santa Car, the 8 inch long Christmas Truck has a red chocolate cab, a white and milk chocolate trailer, and white and semi-sweet chocolate tires.  Oh, and don't forget the holiday message on the side of the trailer...

So, if you're looking for that little something different for the holiday season, perhaps a unique candy tray centerpeice, might we suggest these unique holiday chocolates?


Chocolate Vehicle - Santa Car

Milk Chocolate
Chocolate Vehicle - 18 Wheeler
8 inches
Seasonal Message Included




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