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Glidden TM Painter's Chocolate Toolkit

Glidden TM Paint and Creative Chocolates of Vermont would like to present the ultimate gift for carpenters of all ages!

The Glidden TM Paint Can, complete with Chocolate Tools will delight carpenters and anyone with an imagination. A quart sized paint can complete with the Glidden TM Label comes packed with seven delicious hand painted chocolate tools and an M&M filled paint roller to add that splash of color and a more professional touch.

Every Paint Can has everything you could need to remodel the house: a chocolate saw, screw driver, paint brush, pliers, hammer, wrench, clamps, and an M&M paint roller. And to top it off, the Glidden TM paint can and Glidden TM paint stirrer.

The tools are all made with Mercken's Milk Chocolate and Mercken's peanut butter flavored chocolate and makes a delicious gift. The can and tools are shipped in a specially designed box to ensure nothing is damaged during shipment.


Glidden Paint Can and Tools

Fully Assembled
Glidden Paint Can Roller

Loaded with M&Ms




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