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Worker's Coveralls Basket Assembly Instructions

Material List:

Child's Work Boots
Child's Coveralls  (size 18 months)
Two 1/4" dowels cut 13" long
Two wire coat hangers
Two paint stirring sticks
Paper paint bucket
Duck tape



1. Place paint bucket inside coveralls.  If needed, cut top of bucket to fit pants and then remove pants.


2. Cut slits 1" apart on each side of paint bucket and insert paint stick.  (photo 1)


3. Put pants back on the paint bucket and slide paint stick through the slits until the bottom of stick is even with bottom of pant leg.  Duck tape stick in place.  (photo 2)


4. Cut hangers to 20" with wire cutter or hack saw.  Insert wire through back seam of strap starting about 6" from the start of the buckle and slide through seam until it hits the buckle.


5. Bending to fit, place other end of wire into bucket and secure with duck tape.  (photo 3)


6. Place shoes on board and insert the paint sticks.  Move shoes to where you want the pants to stand.  Be sure they are placed where the pants balance well.  Mark around the shoes.  Remove the pants.


7. Drill 1/4" hole through the shoes and the board at the same time.  Insert the dowels through shoes and into the board.  (photo 2)


8. Place the paint sticks (with pants on them) into the shoes.  roll up the pant legs.  With duck tape, tape the dowels to the outside of the paint sticks.  (photo 4)


9. Lower pant legs and tie shoes.  Loosely stuff pant legs with tissue paper.


10. Cut floral foam to fit snugly inside paint bucket.


11. You are now ready to fill your pants with assorted goodies.  I have found taping wooden Bamboo Skewers to the back of products is an economical way to place items in pants.  These sticks can be found in most grocery stores and come in two thickness and lengths.  the weight and height of placement in pants determines the stick I would use.


12. The following are items I like to use in my coveralls and where they can be found.
  • Chocolate Tools
Creative Chocolates of Vermont, Inc.
Glidden Paint Can and Tools
  • Special Gentleman Coffee
GBSW Imports & Specialties
  • Nails Cookies
GBSW Imports & Specialties
  • Chocolate dipped pretzels
Angelic Gourmet
  • PayDay candy bar
  • Russell Stovers Fudge



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Photo 3

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