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Worker's Coveralls Basket

Custom Basket Collection

Coverall's BasketAt last, a gift basket for the hard working men and women who love having tools in their hands.

The people this basket is designed for is countless. For example, builders, contractors, sub-contractors, painters, new home owners, fathers, sons, realtors, etc., etc., etc., would find it not only humorous but also delicious.

In these free standing coveralls (a larger version of the Worker's Shorts Basket), you'll find shrink wrapped cookies from a small Vermont bakery. Add in a complete assortment of tools from the Glidden Paint Can (saw, wrench, hammer, paint brush, etc., etc., etc.), and a box of nails (cookies) from GBSW Imports & Specialties. And that's not all... Add buttery peanut brittle, painting supplies, candy bars, and more...

Want some more in your basket? Use your imagination to add other goodies to this basket. The possibilities are endless.

Remember, you can buy any of the items separately or completely assembled as shown here.

PLEASE NOTE: Completed basket price depends upon contents. Please call 1-802-891-6048 or email orders@creativechocolatesofvt.com with your requested contents.


Worker's Coveralls Basket
Custom Basket Collection (Call To Order)
Glidden Paint Can and Tools

Fully Assembled
Chocolate Cell Phone
2.25 x 6.25 inches
3.4 ounces




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