Creative Chocolates of Vermont Under New Leadership

"Why Bother?  Why Not?"

Good Day L.A. Debut

Creative Chocolates of Vermont, Enlarges

Webmaster Deploys In Support of Operation Enduring Freedom

NY Post - "Entertaining Ideas - Temptation - Eye Candy"

Gift Basket Magazine Feature

USA Today - "FOOD & DINING At 50, TV dinners enter the realm of tray chic"

Creative Chocolates of Vermont, Inc., Goes Secure

Roker on the road

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Over the last 20 years, Creative Chocolates of Vermont, Inc. has become known worldwide as a creator of unique and custom made chocolates and gift baskets.  And with our growing popularity comes ever increasing amounts of publicity, trade show appearances, competitions, magazine, book, and newspaper appearances, and even, TV appearances.  Visit this page frequently to see what's new in the Press...

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Date Synopsis
07/14/09 Creative Chocolates of Vermont, Products On The Today Show

On July 14, 2009, several Creative Chocolates of Vermont products made a guest appearance on The Today Show.  The Toilet Seat Cover, Chocolate Pizza, Hair Dresser Kit, TV Dinner, and a few other items were used as the centerpiece on the table and sparked some interesting discussion.

10/06/07 Creative Chocolates of Vermont, Inc., Under New Leadership

After 24 years of chocolateering, Peg McGowan, the founder of Creative Chocolates of Vermont has decided that it's time to retire.  Rather than closing the business, Creative Chocolates of Vermont will merge with J.D. Sweeties under the leadership of Diane Fortune.  But while the leadership will change, the service and products will not.  

Al Roker's Feature on the Food Network- "Roker on the Road"

Al Roker, from The Today Show and Roker on the Road, has a love for fine, unique, and delicious foods and upon hearing of the unique chocolate creations being made in Vermont, he decided it was time to learn more.  His team made a trip up to Essex Junction, Vermont this spring to see first hand what exactly goes into making these very popular, award winning chocolate creations and gift baskets.  And they weren't disappointed...

The televised visit aired on the Food Network on Tuesday, June 17th and again on the 18th (and MANY times since then). 

06/09/03 Creative Chocolates of Vermont, Inc., Goes Secure

In order to better server our customers, Creative Chocolates of Vermont has made the move over to a Secure Server.  We now use 128 bit encryption to encrypt your credit card information before sending over the net so as to better protect your card number from malicious persons. 


USA Today - "FOOD & DINING At 50, TV dinners enter the realm of tray chic"

The folks at Swanson aren't the only ones taking note of the 50th anniversary of their famous frozen TV dinners. Also defrosting a few comfort-food memories:  like Creative Chocolates of Vermont's Ultimate TV Dinner...

06/01/01 Gift Basket Magazine Feature

Gift Basket Magazine's June, 2001 has a feature on the Creative Chocolates of Vermont, Coveralls' Gift Basket.  And if that's not enough, we even asked them to publish the directions on how to make it for everyone to see!  Now, how many companies give away their secrets like that?



"Temptation Island? No -- tempting islands of candy used as lavish and unusual centerpiece or displays. It's time to move away from traditional floral arrangements and have some fun with creative eye candy...."

Judy Allen shows you how to entertain like, and for, the pros.  

12/01/01 - Present Webmaster Deploys In Support of Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom 

Our Webmaster, Capt Kevin McGowan, is a C-5 Pilot in the U.S. Air Force and since 9/11/01, has been continuously deployed in support of our forces overseas.

Creative Chocolates of Vermont, Enlarges

With an ever increasing customer base, Creative Chocolates of Vermont has outgrown it's home once more.  To accommodate, we more than doubled the size of our facilities and staff.

12/12/00 Good Day L.A. Debut

CNN celebrity, Laurin Sydney, was interviewed about her new book, "Why Bother?  Why Not?" on Good Day L.A..  During this interview, Laurin Sydney made it a point to highlight a few of our products.

12/01/00 "Why Bother?  Why Not?"

A Hollywood Insider, Laurin Sydney, Shows You How To Entertain Like A Star, In a Snap... and without the celebrity sized expense.


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