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17 - 18 June 2003
19 - 20 August 2003

Nearly everyone knows who Al Roker is, the wandering cheerful face on The Today Show who loves to open our eyes to new, interesting, and delicious foods.  But did you know he now has his own show on The Food Network?  Roker on the road is amongst the newest programs out there and has given Al Roker a means to really explore the wonderful world of interesting people and unique and delicious food from across the country.

And hearing of the unique chocolate creations being hand crafted in Vermont at Creative Chocolates of Vermont, Al Roker decided to feature Creative Chocolates of Vermont in his show's debut. His team made a trip up to Essex Junction, Vermont this spring to see first hand what exactly goes into making these very popular, award winning chocolate creations and gift baskets.  And they weren't disappointed.

During the televised interview in the chocolate workshop, Margaret McGowan, Owner of Creative Chocolates of Vermont, and Lisa McGowan, chocolatier, explained and demonstrated the extreme care and effort that goes into making every hand crafted custom made chocolate creation and gift basket.  And if it doesn't come out just right, it's either thrown away or melted back down only to be born again into a different creation.

Of particular interest to the crew were the unique chocolate meals, Chocolate Pizza, Spaghetti, Ultimate TV Dinner, and Chocolate Cheeseburgers.  In fact, they even took back with them a few "samples" to share with everyone who couldn't make it.  And they weren't the only ones who found the visit interesting and beneficial.  

Within minutes of the first viewing of the show, thousands of visitors were browsing this website and seeing first hand what The Chocolate Woman of Vermont could do for them.  Likewise, within minutes Message Boards across the industry were being populated with messages from interested viewers...  

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